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Team Building at PGL

Last month Mr Crowe, Ms Owen, Mr Kories and Mr Sankofa accompanied students to the multi-activity adventure centre, PGL, in Surrey. The venue functioned as an enriching overnight residential for YPA students, and also created memorable moments for all involved, helping students form a stronger bond as a school unit. The YPA group were lucky to have a great PGL leader named Oli who was fantastic with the students and became part of the YPA team.

Each activity had a fun element as well as life-lessons students can apply in their future self-development. The giant swing for example; the height of a small building engaged students in overcoming fear and anxiety, and working as a team. They all had to pitch in to hoist each student up in turns, onto a high swing in the air. This was done by pulling a rope together similar to tug-of-war. Students and staff alike enjoyed the faces pulled and screams as others swung down from such a height.

Students also engaged in archery which was an exercise in sustained focus and accuracy. Another highlight was raft building, where all pitched in to design and build a raft from start to finish, using large plastic barrels, ropes and wooden logs followed by testing if it could float in a pond, with all seated in the raft together!, This encouraged teamwork, communication – the raft did float much to the students and staff delight as none fancied a dip in the cold lake.

UNO was popular in the dormitory’s, as well as social skills such as sharing snacks and eating together at meals as a team, all these activities; in structured and in free –time, made up for an enriching experience enabling both students and staff to bond as a team whilst creating memories that will last a long time.

YPA has a good understanding and built a rapport with my son. He has been happy and well cared for to the point where he has met his full potential and thrived. The right balance and structure has provided for my son’s complex needs. Thank you for your continuous support.  Parent

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